Catchy, Quick Little Zombie Read

Is it possible for a book to be “catchy” like a tune? And maybe, the more important question, is it possible for a Zombie novella to be catchy?

I received Beginning of the End, an ‘In the End’ novella from the author, G J Stevens, and quickly finished the read even though I had little time! This one thing alone makes it my favorite kind of book. G J Stevens writes the entire story from the 16 year old main character’s perspective which brings about a very personal sort of engagement with the story as it reminds me of sitting down with one of my kids to hear a story about their day. Thankfully their day never includes zombies, but still, same sort of story telling. That being said, I would not want to read a longer piece written in this style because I need a little respite from the overall “this happened, then that, then that.” I’m curious what Stevens’ longer books might be like.

A Weekend Reading Escape by G J Stevens

All in all, an entertaining read set in the UK, and just the little escape across the pond that I needed over a busy weekend.

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