Author Anya Mora

Anya Mora, author

Do you ever get addicted to a particular author? My daily BookBub email introduced me to Anya Mora this year and I quickly inhaled two of her suspense novels. She does not write for children by any means – There are a plenty of adult situations and being murder novels, some violence, too. But it’s suspense, my friends, and that’s par for the course.

Tuesday's Child by Anya Mora

My first read by Mora was Tuesday’s Child. I love a book that doesn’t tell me where it is going, but leads me through the fun twists and turns of the story with the main character. This story delivered! While I struggled in a couple of spots where the story felt disconnected or reaching, I could 100% overlook those weaknesses because the ending surprised me and caused me to think back through the various characters and their roles in the way everything ended.

This title is still $0 for Kindle Unlimited readers as of publication! (7/16/2020) and a great chance for you to try this author for yourself.

The Wife Lie by Anya Mora

So after the big hook with Tuesday’s Child, I could not wait to try another story by Mora. The Wife Lie is another five star thriller that kept me engaged, no matter how exhausted I was at the end of an exhausting workday during these unusual times. That’s saying something! This one was sad in the sense that I got attached to the “good” and “bad” individuals and I don’t love that feeling because it doesn’t work out great for everyone. However my feelings matched the main character’s, so to me, that is a point for Mora’s writing style.

By the way, as of today (7/16/2020), this title is $0 for Amazon Kindle Unlimited members, too!

I know many readers have had trouble focusing this summer with all of the heavy and very real challenges of our world. So, if you need an easy read that quickly grabs your attention, I highly recommend you download or buy one of these two books. Sometimes you just have to get away and reading provides the least expensive, COVID-free way to transport yourself to a different world for a few hours!

Happy Reading!


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