I Dare You by Sam Carrington

I Dare You by Sam Carrington was a fun read over the holidays. It was an easy book to pick up and read for a few minutes without getting so engaged I had to stay up all night to finish it. And sleep during the holidays is Very Very Very important to me! It’s a sign of maturity.

This book follows the visits of two young women to the village where they grew up. Their memories of childhood are very fuzzy and while they both suspect that everything is not as it seems, neither one has any real clue about the tragedy of their shared history. For that matter, neither woman realizes that they even have a shared history!

Sam Carrington created a nice complex story with interesting (but not deep) characters. And while I had a gut feeling as to how the story might end, likely thanks to the hundreds of books I’ve read in this genre, the final outcome was still an exciting surprise.

As I reflect back on the outcome of I Dare You, I can’t help but think that the truth only sets you free if you are willing to own it. Hidden truth just seems to set one up for a lifetime of misery and despair. And on that not so cheerful note, I’m on to the next book!

*PS If you buy the book from my link, I might make some money to buy more books!

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